Novacies assists lower mid-market European technology companies to grow into great companies. The Founders have, on average, 15 years experience covering the European Private Equity market; from early-stage venture to large-scale buyout.  We understand the challenges facing management teams and owners, throughout their growth cycle.  Novacies is both a provider of capital and a trusted investment partner that leverages our team’s business knowledge and operational experiences in Fintech to provide ongoing strategic support and guidance. Our goal is to help our portfolio companies build long-term competitive businesses.
We are an independent investment firm focused on lower mid-market technology companies in the financial technology space. We partner with owners, managers and sponsors of companies to enable them to reach the next level of scale. The Novacies team is comprised of experienced private equity investors and Fintech executives with unrivalled operating and financial management experience who have been involved in the day-to-day running of technology companies. We support management in accelerating or re-invigorating company growth by investing in internal growth initiatives, strategic acquisitions and/or refocusing the business.  We invest for either a majority or influential minority shareholding position and can do this through a number of methods: recapitalizations, refinancings, later-stage growth equity, generational transitions and buyouts.  We are focused on growth financial technology opportunities in Europe and consider investments at up to €60m enterprise value.

Investment Profile & Process

We focus on growth businesses with values of up to €60 million whose owners are seeking a majority buyout or a new investor for a significant minority position.  We provide appropriate financial structures that suit both company, shareholders and management objectives.

A key requirement for Novacies is management teams that are strong, ambitious and trustworthy.

Each investment is unique and the Novacies team takes the time to understand each business and its goals. Only then do we structure an investment framework that allows us to work in partnership around the company’s unique operating and financial position.  Our goal is to have a strong and aligned position from the day we invest in the business to the day we exit.

Adding Value

We appreciate the challenges in growing a company and are supportive of the management teams of our portfolio companies.  Our investment structures provide a solid base for growth with as much or as little involvement from us as you require.  Our team members have been involved in fast-growing companies (from day-to-day running to strategic consulting) and have developed an integrated support system to provide value-added assistance, including:

  • Operational improvements
  • Governance & organizational enhancements
  • Growth strategies, whether it be organic or acquisition-based
  • Recruitment, retention and succession planning
  • Fundraising for the business (debt and equity)
  • Exit planning

Novacies has an extensive network of relationships with entrepreneurs and executives from our targeted sector, who are readily available to our portfolio companies.  These individuals can provide independent third party case studies of their own experiences.

Alignment and flexibility

We are flexible to investment needs, whether this be to buy or sell all or part of a company’s equity, strengthen a balance sheet or raise cash to invest in growing a business.  Our goal is to work to determine the most appropriate structure that meets a company’s objectives and ensure all parties and stakeholders are aligned from the outset.

In more practical terms, some of the typical investment requirements we have seen from companies include:

  • Investment for growth: Working capital, geographical expansion to investing in new product lines
  • Liquidity Events: Partial or full liquidity to shareholders
  • Acquisitions: Financing

Responsible investing

Novacies is committed to conducting its business in accordance with the highest legal, ethical and professional standards. 

We seek to invest in responsible businesses and expect our portfolio companies to:

  1. Adhere to the applicable national, state, and local labour laws in the countries in which they operate.
  2. Have progressive employee engagement policies.
  3. Adhere to the highest regulatory standards and best practices, where applicable.
  4. Take their environmental responsibilities seriously.

Community engagement

We seek to give back to the wider community and support organizations that assist others.